Removing the IT Bottleneck

Every so often I hear from chief marketing officers who say that using technology designed for marketing activities can be a challenge since the IT department frequently needs to be involved. This can often cause a bottleneck since the priorities of the IT department are often different from those of the marketing department. In fact, I recently read a blog post that Forrester analyst Anjali Yakkundi wrote about the issue called “How Mature Is Your Digital Experience Delivery Practice?”

While a powerful Web CMS and Content Management system may not solve all of your marketing challenges, the reality is that FirstSpirit is designed to reduce the time it takes to share marketing content with limited help from the IT department. In addition, through our partner network, we’re able to tackle many of the issues that Anjali talks about which help to strengthen the entire digital experience.

For instance, we recently announced a partnership with Tahzoo to offer integrated services to help companies make significant improvements to their customer experience. And before that we announced a partnership with Canto that will help customers save time when publishing digital assets on the Web and ensure a consistent user experience.

The bottom line is that marketers are looking for technology solutions that help improve the customer’s digital experience, and having a Web CMS to serve as the central hub of your company’s marketing programs is a very wise way to go.