Ease of use rings true with FirstSpirit, but not so much with Adobe

While consumer products like iPhones and iPads are generally user-friendly, most people seem to accept the fact that a majority of enterprise technology is hard to use. That’s a shame because so many technology solutions can be helpful as people go about their daily work. When it comes to Web content management, e-Spirit has always focused on making its technology user friendly for content creators, IT folks and marketing managers.

As I was reading CMSWire the other day I came across an article—5 Requirements of Agile Digital Marketing— that talked about the challenges companies face when the IT department has to help employees use Web CMS technology.

“If the marketing team can’t initiate, implement and change a program and have to rely on IT or other groups to get things done that creates drag. Every day waiting for an IT partner to put up a landing page, change a form or update a piece of web content is a day your audience isn’t seeing your message or participating in your program.”

Why is it that some Web CMS technologies, like Adobe Web Experience Manager, make things harder for marketing folks? As Real Story Group analyst Tom Payne pointed out in his December article Updated Marketing Technology Evaluations - Adobe, Marketo, Crimson Hexagon, and more:

"Adobe can provide a wide range of capabilities that span both online and offline marketing. But the data-driven marketing approach advocated by Adobe requires more investment and resources across the entire organization than just those found in a typical marketing department.”

One of the goals at e-Spirit is to make our Web CMS technology easy to use for everyone within the company. But don’t listen to me. Take a look at what one of our customers, Hamburg Süd, told a writer at Digital Publishing Solutions magazine in an article titled Central CMS:

"Each of the content creators and their departments can update, add, and change information on the intranet and Internet much faster than before. It also has allowed content creators to jump on more opportunities for their online channels rather than wait for the IT department to free up resources," concludes Jork Feeken, project manager.

Why not work with a vendor that can actually deliver on its promises?