Survey: What are your biggest digital transformation challenges?

We’ve been writing a lot of late about digital transformation and how companies are working to improve the customer experience across all touchpoints throughout the customer’s journey. Now it’s your turn to tell us about the challenges you face.

We are conducting market research to help uncover the chief obstacles companies must confront in order to achieve the benefits envisioned by digital transformation. Are the challenges you’re seeing organizational, technical or perhaps is everything going better than expected?

Let us know what’s going on in your company by completing a short survey that should take around five minutes to complete. In exchange for your time, you can receive a $5 Starbucks gift card. Note, that this offer is only available to the first 200 respondents, so go ahead and complete the survey today.


We are expecting the results of the survey to generate plenty of useful insights, so be sure to check back here in a few weeks for the full report.