Retail disrupted – Now is the time to get it right

One of the talks we’re looking forward to at the 2015 Digital Summit next week in Philadelphia is the keynote by Salim Ismail on what he’s calling the “exponential organization.” Ismail is an author and founding executive director of Singularity University, an organization that engages in deep thinking about the impact of technology on businesses and society.

In his talk, Ismail will be looking at how Moore’s Law is influencing retail and how “exponential technologies” are transforming the way we “consume.” From there he plans to describe “a new breed of company that leverages innovative organizational techniques and exponential technologies to vastly accelerate growth, scalability, and competitive position.”

Here at e-Spirit, we’ve been spending a lot of time of late thinking about the impact of digital technologies on our retail customers. The old ways of doing business with clunky websites that don’t work well on mobile or fail to provide an engaging, personalized experience are leading to lost revenue and opportunities for more nimble competition. The time to become an “exponential organization” is now.

One way we’ve found for retailers to embrace this digital transformation is by putting the right infrastructure in place, one focused on improving the experience for the customer. Technology for technology’s sake is pointless – it must have a purpose and that purpose in retail needs to be the customer. A customer-focused digital infrastructure is flexible, able to easily incorporate new technologies and improves your team’s productivity.

Much of what customers need from retailers is content. They want to learn more about your products and the people behind them. They want stories and to connect with other like-minded people. With our Corporate Content Cloud initiative we are helping retailers put in place a content-centric infrastructure that allows them to embrace disruptive technologies and transform the customer experience.

To learn how the Corporate Content Cloud can help you become one of the disrupters in your segment, be sure to visit us at booth #1615 or click here to schedule a meeting.

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