Get your very own Corporate Content Cloud!

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"No you can’t order up a Corporate Content Cloud, but all the core technology pieces you need already exist. The rest is up to you."

Wouldn’t it be great if a Corporate Content Cloud were something you could just order up and download from an “Enterprise Cloud Solutions” website somewhere? Although there is no such thing as a cookie-cutter Corporate Content Cloud, I firmly believe that a Corporate Content Cloud is something that every company embarking on a digital transformation initiative needs and should endeavor to build sooner rather than later.

As presented in this blog post, a Corporate Content Cloud gives organizations a way to connect all of their people, systems, and applications to centralized, real-time data, assets and information necessary to publish content with total accuracy and relevancy across all channels and devices, resulting in a seamless customer experience.

With a Corporate Content Cloud in place, you can start to do all sorts of interesting things, while also laying the foundation for a full digital transformation. For instance, you could create omnichannel digital customer engagement programs built around a team of industry experts. Or when a competitor launches an attack advertising program in your segment, you could mobilize your existing content resources to quickly arm your best customers with point-by-point rebuttals. The Corporate Content Cloud puts you in charge of your content, so that you’re consistent, agile and proactive at all times. It also gives you a strong basis for innovation and the ability to more easily target new markets and business models -- exactly where every marketer wants to be.

Although you’ll never be able to just order up a Corporate Content Cloud, it also doesn’t take an unattainable years-long effort to deliver a better experience to your customers. With the right leadership and vision, we’ve seen companies such as Urban Decay, a fast-growing cosmetics brand, implement centralized content solutions in a matter of months.

Here are the key elements that should be part of a Corporate Content Cloud to realize an outstanding customer experience:

Best-of-breed integration – An open and extensible CMS allows easy integration of systems and Web applications, preserves investments and embraces innovation. Very often, digital transformation efforts fail due to the high cost of “rip and replace” of existing systems. In contrast, the best-of-breed approach of the Corporate Content Cloud initiative allows a less disruptive adoption curve and keeps solutions in sync with business needs.

Globalization and multi-brand management – Any digital transformation effort must think broadly. This requires a CMS capable of supporting multiple international websites and brands on a large scale with extensive support for native languages, integration with translation platforms and extensive content reuse capabilities across brands.

Personalization – With the advent of Big Data, companies know more about customers than ever. The challenge has been putting those insights into action. An important part of the Corporate Content Cloud is blending personalized content delivery with low resource utilization, high performance and stability.

Global user experience – Digital transformation is ultimately about people. Such a transformation is not only about the customers who experience it on the front end, but also the developers, editors and integrators in the back end who are responsible for creating a holistic customer experience. This requires intuitive tools for the entire team along the digital value chain.

Enterprise ready – At the core of the Corporate Content Cloud is an enterprise-ready cloud-capable content engine that is private, secure and able to automate and scale the delivery of accurate and relevant content across all channels and devices.

If your company is embarking on a digital transformation program, now is the time to add a Corporate Content Cloud into the mix. As part of the Corporate Content Cloud initiative, e-Spirit and our partners are offering on-site planning sessions, the content engine, technical support, integration resources and future-proof integration technologies – everything you need to truly achieve digital transformation. No you can’t order up a Corporate Content Cloud, but all the core technology pieces you need already exist. The rest is up to you.