Best-of-breed content + commerce

A proven partnership between e-Spirit and Demandware

Today, not many e-commerce companies operate in a vacuum. They rely on strategic partnerships with content management, analytics, product information management and other technologies to help deliver the digital experiences that big e-tail brands require to drive exceptional results.

Results are the core of what makes the e-Spirit and Demandware partnership so successful. We’ve tackled big issues with Demandware for some of the largest e-tail brands in the world such as Lancôme. Our fully integrated best-of-breed solutions -- FirstSpirit CMS and Demandware Commerce -- help transform consumer experiences at every touchpoint regardless of channel or device being used. Together we provide content-rich, personalized consumer experiences in any language to support global content strategies. It’s a proven and powerful partnership that e-tailers turn to time and again to solve their biggest digital marketing challenges.

As a market-leading CMS solution and a certified Demandware partner, we believe that the commerce channel is mission critical, and that marketing content plays an integrated and strategic role in helping enterprise-level organizations meet commerce channel customer experience demands head on. Combined, we deliver best-of-breed features and functions that are a level above those you would find in huge vendor suites with one-size-fits-all approaches that don’t live up to their promise. In fact, we deliver a level above what customers expect when looking for content and commerce solutions.

A high stakes game

The 2016 holiday season is fast on our heels. According to Internet Retailer, online retail sales increased 20% year-over-year in 2015 making content and commerce a high stakes game. That year-over-year jump exceeded the 14% increase in e-commerce sales predicted by comScore Inc. Will we surpass expected results again this year? And if so, does your organization have a digital marketing infrastructure in place to fully capitalize on increasing demands?

The good news is that the integration between our two systems means you can go-to-market faster. We have a fast-to-implement and cost effective starter solution that will help you purchase, implement, test, and be fully up and running in time for the 2016 holiday season with time to spare. With many retail customers under our belts, you’re in good hands. The question you must ask is this: A year from now, will you wish you had invested in a new content and commerce solution today?

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