What's standing between enterprises and digital transformation?

The internet has made information available to everyone with a computer or mobile device 24x7, 365 days a year. And while technology has made it easier and easier to access that content on demand, great user experiences still elude many organizations. The fact is that unless you have a solid digital marketing infrastructure that enables the right users (aka the content owners) to orchestrate content, target it, and share it across all Web channels, delivering break-through experiences that engage users and drive sales will continue to be a challenge.

This is where digital transformation comes in. Digital transformation is a global challenge that no organization is immune from. The vast majority of companies are going through some level of transformation already, and it’s a complex and difficult undertaking. To become a customer-focused business requires an enormous amount of change organization-wide involving people, processes, and technology. You must have clear stakeholders on your transformation team. You must understand the makeup of your digital ecosystem, and how critical systems interact together to allow you to realize the full benefits of your efforts. You must eliminate information silos, and make content and your universe of contributors the foundation of your efforts.

Read this white paper—the first in a four part white paper series—to learn the steps you need to take to overcome barriers to digital transformation and set the stage for success.

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