The e-Spirit way: best-of-breed, agility, and interoperability

Providing exceptional digital experiences is an evolving challenge that will continue at a more furious pace as time goes by. That pace is driven by customer expectations which in turn evolve with technology innovations—whether new disruptive technologies that hit the market, the introduction of new channels (think of mobile), or evolving feature sets within existing digital ecosystems. The Web content management system was once considered merely one of the many systems that encompass a digital ecosystem. That too is changing at a furious pace.

According to Gartner, “WCM is being regarded in a different light—as a mission-critical priority to help drive the overall digital strategy. In fact, by year-end 2017, Gartner estimates that over 90% of organizations claiming success at digitalization will regard their WCM software as a mission-critical component of that success.” Why? Content. Content is the fuel that powers digital experiences. When siloed from other systems in the digital marketing stack, the Web content management system simply pushes content to the Web. It’s an increasingly antiquated approach to Web content management that produces one-dimensional digital experiences with little room for differentiation.

The e-Spirit Way

In order to deliver true omnichannel experiences, your CMS should serve as the central hub of your entire digital ecosystem, seamlessly connecting people, processes, technology and channels, while giving organizations the agility and interoperability needed to quickly capitalize on evolving consumer behaviors, new disruptive technologies and channels, and evolving digital marketing toolsets. This approach not only meets the digital experience demands required today, but also future demands as well. And that’s the e-Spirit way.

From its inception, FirstSpirit was built with agility and interoperability in mind. Our long-term strategy was—and still is—to be the most agile and highly interoperable Web content management system on the market. That strategy along with our best-of-breed approach and focus on usability supports our customer’s overall readiness and ability to quickly adapt to the rapidly evolving marketing landscape. It’s also how we help customers adopt and capitalize on technologies that help shape and create unique and truly competitive user experiences.


Our best-of-breed focus helps organizations avoid the “sameness” experienced when using inflexible, all-in-one marketing suites by building custom digital marketing suites to suit their exact business needs using the richest and most modern set of capabilities available on the market. We’ve developed strategic partnerships and deep, certified integrations with the top best-of-breed vendors in each area of the digital marketing stack—such as SAP, Demandware Commerce, IBM WebSphere, etc—more than any other CMS vendor. And moving forward, we’ll continue to expand upon FirstSpirit’s network of best-of-breed vendor integrations—particularly with customer journey-focused platforms and marketing middleware tools that further enable the digital experiences for which customers strive.


FirstSpirit’s inherent agility allows marketers to act at the precise moment when consumer behaviors evolve, new disruptive digital marketing tools are introduced, when channels emerge, or when features no longer meet their needs by letting them add, remove or replace key systems within digital marketing stacks with best-of-breed systems. Agility helps companies quickly seize on opportunities for differentiation, advancing ahead while competitors with less flexible digital ecosystems wait for their existing systems to catch up. This offers a true competitive advantage in a world where differentiation is increasingly hard to come by.

Agility also means your digital ecosystem is future proof, eliminating the moment when you realize your CMS no longer meets your needs and must be ripped and replaced. In a very real way, our agility ensures that FirstSpirit is the last CMS you will ever need to buy. e-Spirit’s long-term strategy is to continue to further develop and improve on our Web API integration capabilities to make FirstSpirit even more agile than before.


FirstSpirit is highly interoperable with any system, from CRM systems to e-commerce to DAM, ERP and so on. In fact, we’re so interoperable that you can—today—easily integrate with any system, and pull or push content to it, or even to any ‘thing’ in the Internet of Things promising to open up whole new sales channels for e-Spirit customers while simultaneously giving them real opportunities for competitive differentiation. We play nice with everyone, and that approach helps marketers quickly adopt and capitalize on technologies that place the customer at the center of every interaction for competitive omnichannel experiences. Our strategy moving forward is to open up a whole new level of interoperability—one that extends FirstSpirit’s ease of integration to organizations that want to integrate their products with ours.

A rapidly evolving marketplace demands a digital marketing infrastructure that supports your overall readiness and ability to quickly adapt. FirstSpirit was built to support agility and interoperability from its inception making it the best-of-breed Web content management system for companies intent on delivering exceptional omnichannel experiences not just now, but in the future as well.

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