How Urban Decay Uses FirstSpirit to Support Global Marketing Efforts

e-Spirit's client Urban Decay has been using the FirstSpirit Digital Experience Hub to connect with customers all over the world. John Perasco, AVP of E-Commerce at Urban Decay Cosmetics, explains: “30% of our traffic was coming from international IPs so we were being drawn into the global markets. The challenge was getting the right product (content) to the right audience.”

Urban Decay already has a successful e-commerce site up and running based on Salesforce Commerce Cloud. But the challenge facing Urban Decay was that its e-commerce platform was not well-suited to supporting a global content marketing strategy. Rather than look for an all-in-one suite, Urban Decay opted to integrate the FirstSpirit Digital Experience Hub with Salesforce Commerce Cloud. The result is the “UD All Access” site that effectively doubles the size of the company’s website.

“The implementation has exceeded our goals,” he says. “We really leaned on the team at e-Spirit to keep the project moving and they helped us be successful. FirstSpirit is a stable, functional tool that lets us be the stars. Our use of FirstSpirit is a way to embrace new markets so I am sure we’ll continue to expand our use.”

FirstSpirit helps companies of all sizes manage websites around the world more efficiently. With the world becoming more connected every day, it’s vital that your Digital Experience Hub simplifies localization processes and supports your globalization goals and business objectives. Urban Decay is a great example of how many customers are going global with FirstSpirit.

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