How to Become a "Digital Genius" Like Burberry

Here at e-Spirit, we love hearing about brands at the bleeding edge of digital. One such brand is Burberry, and although the company is not (yet) an e-Spirit customer, its digital strategy stands head and shoulders above the rest of the luxury goods sector. In fact, the business intelligence firm L2 gave Burberry a “Genius” level ranking (along with Gucci) in its Fashion 2016 Digital IQ Index® report released last November.

Clearly, Burberry is doing a lot of things right, as illustrated in this Digiday article. A few highlights include:

  • maximizing user generated content
  • leveraging new social media channels (such as Snapchat and Periscope)
  • synchronizing omni-channel campaigns
  • engaging in social commerce, and
  • optimizing the mobile experience, among other things

All of these elements work together to create closer relationships with customers, resulting in higher-than-average revenue growth for its sector, and positions the company for future success.

Chances are your brand faces some of the same challenges that Burberry does, and one unique opportunity. To join the the small club of L2 companies ranked with “Genius,” your strategy must be equally innovative, and your digital marketing ecosystem as sound. Burberry does however have a weakness that opens the door to competitors being not simply as good as they are but better, and that's its digital ecosystem. Burberry uses a monolithic suite (Adobe) and as such, does not have the digital dexterity of a decoupled CMS, like e-Spirit’s FirstSpirit.

FirstSpirit enables brands – such as L'Oréal Luxe and a large outdoor retailer in Freeport Maine – to create a digital strategy that maximizes agility and interoperability across new channels and future-proofs digital investments. This is important because as channels continue to evolve and proliferate, they require ever more content, both of which most marketing technology stacks in place today are not equipped to manage quickly or easily. That’s because monolithic marketing suites (like Adobe and Sitecore) don’t natively support new channels or their content types, which means integration can be very slow and difficult.

Without a digitally agile approach of a decoupled CMS like FirstSpirit, there is no guarantee of brand consistency across the buyer journey as channels continue to increase and evolve. The reality is that the more consumers interact with your brand across multiple channels, the more there are opportunities to get it wrong. The problem becomes greater as every new social channel, device, app and Internet-connected thing comes on the market.

While brands take great care to support their commerce efforts with sticky, clicky content, the truth is that providing exceptional digital experiences is an evolving challenge. The omni-channel content challenge is so mind-boggling for customers of all-in-one suites, that not only is it difficult to keep up with now, it’s even more difficult to continue to innovate and incorporate best practices, such as embedding buy buttons in blog posts, making videos shoppable or linking social hashtag campaigns for user-generated content directly to product pages. And it gets even more complex when thinking about how to incorporate what the future might hold with artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, virtual reality, and predictive commerce. With all-in-one suites, it becomes a virtual impossibility to future-proof a marketing technology stack.

To solve this, e-Spirit offers a new best-of-breed approach where the consumer’s need for content drives its creation, not the brand’s ability to push content out. Content-as-a-Service (CaaS) is the surest way to deliver content with the speed and consistency needed to satisfy customers on their channel of choice – emerging or existing – whether via website, mobile site or app, wearable, Internet of Things, or social network, among others.

FirstSpirit CaaS from e-Spirit extends content reach to channels with greater agility, on demand. There’s no need to integrate the CMS with anything. Simply create content using FirstSpirit, and it goes wherever called via a RESTful API – instantly. Because content is separate from presentation, organizations can design the perfect digital experience for each channel, improving the buyer journey and helping turn content into revenues. It’s changing the way online retailers use content, and helping them monetize it.

With FirstSpirit, retailers can easily combine any third-party solution, whether they are already using it or it’s on the wish list. That means enterprise e-commerce platforms, product information management (PIM) systems, media asset management (MAM) systems, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, as well as other data sources, or sales and logistics solutions all work in harmony with FirstSpirit.

The bottom line is that companies must transform their digital strategy to future-proof their approach to marketing, and the fastest way to do that is to deliver Content-as-a-Service. So what do you want to be? You can be Burberry-like and join the small club of digital geniuses, or you can beat Burberry at their own game by introducing agility, interoperability and a best-of-breed approach into your digital strategy with FirstSpirit CaaS from e-Spirit.

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