Why e-Spirit’s Strategic Partnership with Samsung SDS Is So Important

Mar 06

Today e-Spirit announced a strategic partnership with Samsung SDS focused on delivering a jointly developed content signage package to complement Samsung SDS’s Nexshop Marketing solution for digital signage. This strategic partnership will enable Samsung SDS to expand its portfolio of digital signage systems and services to include content-as-a-service (CaaS) using the FirstSpirit Digital Experience Platform. FirstSpirit CaaS helps companies monetize content by streamlining its delivery to and from any device, channel, or application for faster time to market.

The partnership is important because FirstSpirit CaaS will give Samsung SDS’s digital signage customers the ability to influence buying behaviour at the point of sale by delivering targeted content to digital signs in real time—whether in a store, bank, hotel, sports venue, etc.—for more personalized consumer experiences. The market for digital signage is expected to grow massively over the next decade, and FirstSpirit CaaS will take Samsung SDS’s digital signage to the next level, whether for brand building, product display, self service, store wayfinding, or targeted promotions, among other applications.

Content-as-a-Service allows unstructured content to be dynamically pulled from FirstSpirit and delivered to the front end of any system, application, or thing (such as digital signage) via a universal interface making “content everywhere” publishing a reality. New touchpoints, channels and devices can be added extremely quickly, allowing consistent messaging across multiple channels, helping companies master the challenges of rapid digital transformation. That’s another reason why e-Spirit’s partnership with Samsung SDS is so important.

As the editorial environment for digital signage systems, FirstSpirit CaaS offers the entire range of professional functionality for the creation and distribution of multi-language content. It’s the next evolutionary step in customer experience management and a perfect fit for Samsung SDS’s digital signage portfolio. Companies need the ability to influence customer buying behaviour at the point of sale and digital signage is the best vehicle for delivering personalized content and experiences that turn content into revenues. The new content signage package is being developed and marketed on a joint basis and will be rolled out worldwide. Stay tuned for more developments!

Want to learn more about the partnership announcement and digital signage in general? Read the news release.