What is Content as a Service (CaaS)?

Content management has moved to the cloud, eliminating the need for time-consuming, costly integrations. If that is news to you, watch this quick video from e-Spirit that literally illustrates Content-as-a-Service and why it’s the next big thing in content management.

What is Content-as-a-Service?

Content-as-a-Service focuses on managing structured content into feeds--using a REST API--that other channels can then consume in real time. The CMS becomes the content provider, delivering content as-a-service to many channels as opposed to a single digital property -- the website.

The Internet (and the Internet of Things) has created an explosion of channels and with it, complexity and chaos, particularly for marketers who rely on traditional web content management systems, which were never meant to support these channels. But your customers still want great content and e-Spirit’s FirstSpirit CaaS is the surest way of satisfying them. That’s because FirstSpirit CaaS extends content reach to channels with greater agility, on demand. Simply create content and it goes wherever it’s called via an API, instantly, no integration required.

And because content is separate from its presentation, you can design the perfect digital experience for each one – whether it’s a website, online store, wearable, Internet of Things thing, social network, smart device, or app. This gives FirstSpirit CaaS users the ability to keep up with new channels as they evolve and manage content across channels for a consistent brand experience – keeping their customers happy with the content they expect. e-Spirit delivers an agile, efficient and fast experience so you can deliver content everywhere, all the time.

To learn more, watch the video below or request a demo.