21 Digital Experience Trends to Act On In 2019

Each year, digital marketers spanning all industries look for expert predictions that will help direct their go-to-market strategies, better engage customers, and deliver a clear ROI on their technology investments. With the constant change in customer experience demands and the evolution of disruptive technologies, predicting too far into the future is a challenge at best. And 2019 will be no different. We predict another year of constant change as technologies such as AI and machine learning continue to mature and disrupt business as usual for digital marketers everywhere. Personalization of content will also be a moving target as new channels emerge changing consumer habits and demands.

One thing that won’t change? Digital experience will continue to be what separates the winners from the losers. Fully embracing this truth and building a digital experience ecosystem to enable breakthrough experiences today--and in the future--will be what makes or breaks marketers in 2019. As time marches on, the gap between those companies that haven’t invested time and resources wisely and those that have will be profound making it increasingly difficult for many to compete.

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Regardless of what the future brings, it will certainly be more engaging and relevant than ever before.

Here’s what the experts have to say across three fronts, including digital experience, web content management and e-commerce:

“With the trend toward hyper-personalization and ever-more stringent definitions of seamlessness, successful retailers will be the ones who can understand the fluctuating needs and expectations of their customers—whether in the digital or physical sphere. Leveraging behavioral data and putting customer experience at the heart of decision-making is the key to building successful, omni-channel (rather than cross-device) journeys. And today, everyone can access and integrate advanced metrics into their workflow.” Jonathan Cherki, CEO of ContentSquare. @jonathanCherki

“More websites want flexibility in how their content is displayed and are instead opting for more medium-agnostic web content management, most notably through headless CMS. Headless CMS allows users to post their content without worrying about a front end that only formats properly on one type of device. As we enter 2019, content-driven services and websites will have to move to headless CMS solutions to account for the rapidly diversifying content consumption landscape.” Jazmine Betz, G2 Crowd

“Goodbye “Omnichannel”, Hello “Omnipresence”. In 2019, retailers will look to ways to continuously engage with shoppers as they pursue their shopping journeys – to be omnipresent. Consumers simply don’t think in terms of channels. This isn’t 1998. No one is sitting around and thinking, ‘Hey, I think I’ll do some online shopping.’ For many years, and certainly, in 2019, it’s all just ‘shopping.’ Shopping journeys now go through a variety of branded touchpoints, digital for sure, but physical touchpoints too, and they are nowhere near linear shopping journeys. Brands need to be nimble, agile and responsive to shopper needs, and they need to deliver seamless, friction-free paths for their shoppers to navigate. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter where the transaction takes place, as long as the transaction takes place within the brand’s ecosystem. It’s a holistic approach to the retail experience, and it’s something retailers, particularly old-school, legacy retailers have learned the hard way.” Ray Hartjen, Marketing Director at RetailNext. @RayHartjen

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21 Digital Experience Trends to Act On In 2019 from e-Spirit Inc

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