Heidi Unruh


Best-of-breed content + commerce

by Heidi Unruh on Feb 9, 2016

Content-rich consumer experiences are only as good as the content and commerce solutions that power them, so choosing the right systems is essential. What should you look for from content and ...


Three Key Takeaways From the CMSWire DX Summit

by Heidi Unruh on Nov 17, 2016

This week, e-Spirit was a gold sponsor at CMSWire’s DX Summit in Chicago where the buzz was all about customers, experiences, and digital dexterity. If you didn’t make the event, here three key ...


How to Become a "Digital Genius" Like Burberry

by Heidi Unruh on Mar 1, 2017

Here at e-Spirit, we love hearing about brands at the bleeding edge of digital. One such brand is Burberry, and although the company is not (yet) an e-Spirit customer, its digital strategy stands ...


What is Content as a Service (CaaS)?

by Heidi Unruh on Mar 13, 2017

Content management has moved to the cloud, eliminating the need for time-consuming, costly integrations. If that is news to you, watch this quick video from e-Spirit that literally illustrates ...


How To Connect With Millennials Using Digital Signage

by Heidi Unruh on Apr 20, 2017

Displaying information on a digital sign as it's posted on your channel lets your visitors know they matter to you and creates a psychological reward loop. It's literally a feel-good moment. And some ...


The Future of Digital Customer Experience Management

by Heidi Unruh on Jun 28, 2017

Ever wish you could ask an industry analyst for digital experience tips? e-Spirit essentially did just that when we posed five key questions to IDC analyst Melissa Webster recently. She serves as ...


The Ultimate List of e-Commerce Conferences

by Heidi Unruh on Jan 16, 2019

While e-commerce marketers live their workdays on the web, there is still nothing quite like in-person networking to refresh, regroup and renew. Check out our ultimate list of up-coming e-commerce ...


The Ultimate List of Digital Experience Conferences

by Heidi Unruh on Feb 4, 2019

Are you a Digital Marketer looking to up your digital experience game? It’s no small task given the speed at which this market is continuously evolving, but we’re going to make it a little easier for ...


Digital Experience Ecosystem: Healthy or Not?

by Heidi Unruh on Nov 29, 2018

As Gartner says, “experience is the new competitive battleground”. And ground zero of this competitive battleground is the technology that marketers use to enable the digital experience.


30+ Omnichannel-Kennzahlen, die den Unterschied machen

by Heidi Unruh on Oct 16, 2018

Untersuchen Sie die richtigen Omnichannel-Kennzahlen, um Ihre Geschäftsziele zu erreichen? Entwickeln Sie mit den 30 wichtigsten Merkmalen jetzt Ihre eigene Omnichannel-Strategie, die für eine ...


21 Digital Experience Trends to Act On In 2019

by Heidi Unruh on Jan 9, 2019

Each year, digital marketers spanning all industries look for expert predictions that will help direct their go-to-market strategies, better engage customers, and deliver a clear ROI on their ...


Increasing ARPU as a Competitive Strategy

by Heidi Unruh on Feb 14, 2019

E-commerce continues to heat up and even though it appears that Amazon has hoovered up market share, a recent article suggests that its core business is slowing, with legacy retailers building up ...