Omnichannel Commerce Metrics That Matter

Is your retail organization tracking the right metrics to achieve key business goals?

To achieve key business goals with omnichannel programs, digital strategy professionals need to ensure that they have the right metrics in place. But not all metrics are created equal, and success can elude a retailer if it misses or ignores actionable insights from them.

This report lays out the core categories of omnichannel metrics, recommends how to align them with business objectives, and offers a step-by-step process for collecting and using these metrics.

Here are some Key Takeaways of the Report:

  • E-Commerce metrics can highlight successes and reveal opportunities
  • Retailers should put metrics in place across a few targeted categories
  • E-Commerce measurement means more than simply collecting data

Download the Forrester Omnichannel Report and discover the omnichannel commerce metrics that matter most in powering digital experience!