Partnering for long-term success

Technology is only part of the story in a successful partnership. We bring a long track record of successfully partnering, avoiding channel conflict and giving partners the support and training they need for long-term success.

e-Spirit partners complete the FirstSpirit picture

We value our partners. We value their technical expertise and unique industry knowledge. We appreciate the added value they bring to ensure our customers reach their goals with FirstSpirit. And we seek to assure that our partners fulfill the full range of services that our customers’ projects require. We are a 100% product company and work hard to prevent channel conflict.

Our partners include:

  • Media agencies that focus on website design, portals and user interfaces, basically all the communications that make up the public face of companies.
  • Integration partners that make FirstSpirit fit into customers’ existing infrastructure, from the initial concepts through to applications and interfaces.
  • Technology partners such as Demandware, IBM, and Red Hat are among the many companies customers often turn to for enterprise solutions, and with whom we work to give our customers the total solution they need. With its open, modular structure FirstSpirit can easily integrate with many other solutions.
  • Hosting partners, who take on responsibility for the operation and administration, including servicing, configuration, and release management of FirstSpirit.
  • Resellers, where region or customer preference dictates, are approved to provide FirstSpirit as part of their portfolio of solutions.

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Partner certification

We certify implementation partners as Trained, Trusted or Preferred. The classification levels are based on multiple parameters including the number of trained FirstSpirit experts in the company, experience with FirstSpirit implementation projects, sales cooperation and joint support for clients, as well as the long-term nature of the collaboration.

Collaboration and support

We look to our partners to help us create a strategy and structure to ensure customer success. It’s that simple. To do that we collaborate with our partners in sales, customer support and the development of leading software solutions.

Because our partners mean so much to us, we make sure they get the right support from the beginning: training, coaching, concept and architecture checks as well as project reviews to make sure they’re reaching their goals, so our customers reach theirs.

Contact us today to find out how you can join our partner network.