Content-Driven Digital Experience Technology that will Provide You with a Competitive Edge.

e-Spirit's digital experience platform, offered through a SaaS or on-premises model, enables companies to engage customers and drive revenue with personalized, content rich digital experiences anytime, anywhere. Our software allows you to build a unique platform that will differentiate you from your competitors, and compel your users to action no matter where they are. This capability is enabled by e-Spirit’s FirstSpirit personalization and content management software, and the interoperability to deliver these experiences to any channel, such as web, mobile, digital sign, or any IoT-related device. You no longer need to be confined to an all-in-one platform where you’re stuck with “good enough” solutions that don’t integrate; or stand-alone point solutions with complex integration scenarios.

FirstSpirit enables us to efficiently get target group-specific content online while reducing costs and efforts at the same time.

Isabel Herzog, Geberit International AG

Elements of the Digital Experience Platform include:

Personalization and Targeting

Differentiate your company and compel your users to action with personalized digital experiences. Read more

Globalization and Localization

Easily maintain brand consistency worldwide while supporting local marketing efforts. Read more

Omnichannel Marketing

Synchronized digital experiences on any channel, wherever customers may be. Read more

Best-of-Breed Integration

Integrate applications and systems to preserve your previous investments.
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FirstSpirit AppCenter

Integrate the best of the Web to give your customers a richer experience and boost your team’s productivity.

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Global User Experience

Allow content creators, marketers, and developers to focus on the customer experience itself, not the mechanics of producing it.
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