Content-as-a-Service Changes Everything.

Gone are the days in which a CMS was simply used to manage Web content. Customers demand great digital experiences across all channels, and that demand is changing the way content is delivered. Content-as-a-Service (CaaS) is the surest way to deliver content with the speed and consistency needed to satisfy customers on their channel of choice—whether via website, store, wearable, Internet of Things, social network, smart device, or app.

FirstSpirit CaaS extends content reach to channels with greater agility, on demand. Simply create content using FirstSpirit, and it goes wherever it's intended to go via our RESTful API—instantly. Because content is separate from presentation, you can design the perfect digital experience for each channel, improving customer journeys and creating micro-moments of influence that help turn content into revenues.

Make the evolutionary jump into the digital future with FirstSpirit CaaS.

How Content-as-a-Service works

Benefits of CaaS

Open up new revenue opportunities

CaaS opens the floodgates for new content-driven business models, enabling companies to monetize content in unprecedented ways. Deliver content to any ‘thing’ in the Internet of Things. Pull content from third parties to your own digital store. Upsell products and services. Expand into new markets. Develop new content-driven products. The possibilities for content monetization are endless.

Achieve faster time to market

CaaS helps companies add new channels with lightning speed by eliminating the need for traditional time-consuming integrations. Simply access content from the CaaS server and pull it where you want it to go.

Reduce digital complexity

With evolving digital channels and tools comes infrastructure complexity that even well-organized IT departments have trouble coping with. CaaS makes managing your omnichannel digital strategy radically simple.

Re-use content efficiently and consistently

Instantly call content to go where it’s needed—channels, sites, devices, apps, etc—re-using it dynamically for greater consistency and efficiency.

Design engaging digital experiences

CaaS separates content from presentation allowing you to design and customize perfect customer experiences for each unique channel ensuring engaging end-to-end customer journeys.

Increase content quality

Content is dynamically pulled from CaaS ensuring the most current content will always be presented everywhere it’s called. Furthermore, analyzing content request data offers powerful qualitative and quantitative conclusions to be drawn giving greater insights into how to optimize your content for better targeting and greater success.

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