High performance marketing. Low cost of ownership.

Successful marketers move in the digital world with extreme agility and purpose. That requires marketing to work like a finely tuned machine. FirstSpirit Cloud reduces the complexity of your digital ecosystem so you can implement digital strategies with the dexterity needed to succeed in today's highly competitive market.

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Why choose FirstSpirit Cloud?

Go to market faster – FirstSpirit Cloud can be up and running in days, not weeks or months. No software installation is necessary. Even the largest, enterprise-wide deployments can happen in a fraction of the time of traditional deployments.

Rapidly adapt to market changes – Enable marketers to react to the market with business agility by eliminating traditional IT bottlenecks. Web projects can be completed as fast or leisurely as you like. We have service options designed to meet each organization's individual needs and timelines for faster time to business results.

Leave the installation and maintenance to us – Depending on your requirements, e-Spirit or our hosting partner handles the installation, operation and maintenance of FirstSpirit for you, ensuring reliable performance. You get the most current version of FirstSpirit features, without the hassle of managing upgrades allowing you to dedicate more resources on your core business and innovate with the speed of the market.

Take the risk out of technology decision-making – We provide enterprise-class security and ensure that FirstSpirit is always up and running. You get peace of mind – at Cloud prices.

Lower costs – Use your budget for marketing, not marketing infrastructure. You get the exact same features as the traditional software installed on site, but with greater flexibility for licensing and invoicing. This model saves you not only the one-time expense normally involved in the purchase of the software, but also eliminates the need for additional investments in hardware and related IT expertise.

Pay as you go – FirstSpirit Cloud's elasticity allows you to easily scale up or down to meet sudden or extraordinary loads – you pay only for the services that you actually use. Our storage, backup, and recovery options will greatly reduce costs as well.

Budget with confidence – Say goodbye to budget uncertaintly and minimize economic risk. Our Cloud offering helps you stay within your IT budget by anticipating service spikes for more accurate and predictable cost estimates. Unlike other vendors, FirstSpirit Cloud makes budget overrides a thing of the past.

Future proof your digital ecosystem – Reinvent your digital ecosystem the moment you need to. FirstSpirit Cloud's inherent openness and interoperability help you pivot with agility, eliminating the risk of business failure.

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How much Cloud would you like?

We have the right FirstSpirit model for your company regardless of your requirements. In addition to traditional on-site installation, you can choose from a number of different models, or combine them to meet your exact business needs.


Your subscription is for the licensing rights to the most current version of FirstSpirit. You determine the features included in the subscription based on your business needs, such as number of sites/users, or FirstSpirit modules. Maintenance and technical support from e-Spirit are included.

Managed Hosting Services

Free yourself completely from all of the duties involved with operating the software and leave the hosting of FirstSpirit Cloud up to us or one of our partners. Choose between using a FirstSpirit standard installation for rapid project implementation or a platform individually configured according to your needs.

Application Services

We also offer an Application Services option where we handle the admin services for you, such as release updates and user management – no extra work for your IT department.

Software as a service

Our completely worry-free package combines all three above-mentioned options. You use FirstSpirit – we will take care of everything else. It's all covered by one monthly fee.


e-Spirit offers affordable pricing options for the FirstSpirit Cloud enterprise CMS, beginning for as low as $7000 per month.