The Building Blocks of an Agile Digital Ecosystem

Technology development is moving from monolithic to modular via an architecture known as microservices, a description that signifies the modularization of services and software into smaller and completely independent components. Microservices are a way to break up complex systems into smaller, manageable pieces that communicate with each other via APIs. This type of architecture not only makes technology more scalable but also more flexible. Our latest product release, FirstSpirit CaaS (Content-as-a-Service), is a perfect example of building a microservices-based solution.

FirstSpirit CaaS provides the kind of auto-scaling capabilities expected from a critical component of your digital marketing technology stack. It allows unstructured content to be dynamically pulled from FirstSpirit and delivered to the front end of any system, application or thing via a universal CaaS interface, making “content everywhere” publishing a reality.

How Content-as-a-Service works

Benefits of Microservices

Future proof your digital marketing technology stack

Go to market faster at a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches by adopting microservices for an agile, flexible digital ecosystem.

Scalable and flexible

Seamlessly integrate new technologies into your marketing technology stack, combining and customizing them for the best solution for your customers.

Open architecture

Gone are the days when you have to decide between a Java or .NET approach. The result is an integrated, open solution based on individual components that are100% tailored to the needs of your business.

From monolithic to modular

Gain agility, flexibility and scalability while saving an incredible amount of development time increasing productivity and helping to create the best customer experiences in less time.

Better than all-in-one suites

Expect easy integration, powerful functionality and the flexibility to customize and scale as needed, which simply isn't possible with a monolithic, all-in-one suite.

Continuously optimized

Continuously deliver updates to the marketplace for a much faster time-to-market for new product ideas and a far greater ability to deliver on customer demands.

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