Save time, costs with automated content migration

Manual content migration is slow and inefficient, particularly as page counts climb. FirstSpirit’s automated migration feature can save up to 80 percent on migration costs, easing the process of upgrading to a modern CMS.

Upgrade your Web presence to FirstSpirit without missing a beat

Why do companies continue to use high-maintenance, hard-to-use or flat out antiquated content management systems? Or limp along with poorly documented homegrown systems cobbled by consultants who have long since moved on? One of the chief reasons is fear of content migration. And for good reason. Transferring thousands of pages of content, application functions and processes manually is costly and time intensive.

Ease of migration is an important reason why more and more enterprises are turning to FirstSpirit. Our automated migration feature eliminates the fear of migration. You can adapt existing content and navigation structures as needed or import it all on a 1:1 basis. This includes editorial content, meta-data and links between pages, documents and media as well as existing authorizations.

Once your manual content transfer exceeds about 2,000 pages, migration time and costs increase exponentially. With FirstSpirit, you can see an average time and cost savings of up to 80 percent – the larger the effort, the greater the cost savings.

Transparent update path

Once the initial migration is completed, FirstSpirit makes life easier over the long-term by giving customers insights into coming product updates well into the future. We do this by maintaining a long-term and sustainable product roadmap as well as a transparent update path for all major versions. This facilitates planning around IT system requirements, updates and ongoing maintenance.

If you’re tired of making do with sub-standard Web content management technologies, now is the time to find out how quickly and easily you can upgrade to FirstSpirit using our automated migration features. For more information, download the Migration Solution Overview, or contact us for a personal consultation.

FirstSpirit is virtually unlimited in its extensibility and provides the security of investment that we were looking for.

Matthias Will, Project Manager and Officer for Web Technologies at Knauf Information Services