Enterprise-class Web content management

For any growing and successful business, it’s critical to have a rock-solid infrastructure. From high-availability to platform neutrality to investment protection, FirstSpirit provides the sophisticated technical foundation enterprises demand.

Standardize and manage enterprise content, applications, and processes with FirstSpirit

FirstSpirit is a flexible content management system that is based on innovative and future-proof technology. It gives enterprises a highly scalable, highly available, secure and flexible platform for integrating enterprise applications and content and delivering it through digital channels including websites, online stores, portals, intranets and extranets. At the same time, FirstSpirit lowers total cost of ownership (TCO) with its intuitive operation and efficient use of computing resources.

From its modern technical architecture to its proven reliability and stability in production environment, FirstSpirit is ready for any challenge.

More technical specifications: FirstSpirit fact sheet

Enterprise-class features include the following:

Platform independence – FirstSpirit is a pure Java application and uses XML formats to store data. It can be run on any operating system with Java JDK is available. Database access is completely based on the Java Database Connectivity API (JDBC). It can be integrated with any webserver like Apache, Tomcat, or Microsoft IIS.

Performance – with features such as SmartDynamics, FirstSpirit meets the performance demands of international corporations while requiring a less costly computing infrastructure compared to alternatives, helping to lower TCO.

Security, privacy – FirstSpirit supports encrypted communication between clients and server for improved security and privacy, while also providing strict separation between editing and production systems.

High availability – for applications that require maximum uptime, FirstSpirit offers mechanisms for monitoring status and automatically switching operations to a standby or cluster server in the event of a software or hardware failure.

Extensibility – FirstSpirit provides a complete set of interfaces that make it possible to easily extend the system through an open access API. Hotspot capability allows new module integration with restarting the server.

Language support – FirstSpirit uses Unicode consistently throughout and supports development of websites in all major languages on a global basis. It provides advanced tools for managing translation processes and supporting international websites including right-to-left (RTL) scripted languages.

Single sign-on – FirstSpirit offers a 12-level fine-grained authorization concept and supports connection LDAP servers or inheritance concepts to give users the convenience of single sign-on.

Easy installation, upgrades, migration – FirstSpirit uses standard download and installation procedures for both initial installation and upgrades. Automated tools are provided for migrating enterprise content into FirstSpirit.

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