FirstSpirit for dynamic websites

Websites continue to grow in complexity, with more content along with increased use of interactive and multimedia elements. FirstSpirit with its SmartDynamics approach helps you keep pace with personalized content delivery and low resource requirements.

SmartDynamics brings high-performance, stability and efficiency to dynamic websites

FirstSpirit and its exclusive SmartDynamics approach lets you deploy complex, highly personalized websites in less time with fewer resources.

By themselves neither conventional dynamic websites nor static content management systems are able to handle the growing complexity of modern websites on their own. What’s required is an approach that blends the flexibility of personalized content delivery with low resource utilization and high performance and stability. That approach is SmartDynamics found only in the FirstSpirit content management system.

Handle Web complexity with ease

Often considered a necessity when it comes to giving customers a personalized Web experience, conventional dynamic systems present a number of technical challenges. For instance, conventional dynamic systems are often unable to handle unexpected spikes in website traffic. And since these systems are complex and hard to implement, marketing resources often must be diverted to support growing IT infrastructure costs rather than where they are needed the most.

The perfect performance balance

With its SmartDynamics approach, FirstSpirit strikes the perfect balance between flexibility and stability. This provides a number of key benefits including:

  • Live page elements automatically delivered to target groups dynamically when needed
  • Rapid loading time for strong search results on search engines
  • Investment protection resulting from FirstSpirit’s open and scalable architecture

  • Future security through easy integration of both existing and future applications and solutions
  • License fees no longer tied to Web traffic, ensuring your success stays with you regardless of traffic volume
  • Greatly reduced hardware requirements, including reduced costs for clustering and high availability

FirstSpirit: the smart choice

Dynamic content delivery is a must in today’s world, but at what cost? Keeping infrastructure costs low and delivering Web content quickly even under demanding conditions are also critical factors in the customer experience equation. For modern websites that must do it all, FirstSpirit CMS with SmartDynamics is the smart choice.

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FirstSpirit has helped us accelerate the time-to-market for our Web projects and products as well as offer our customers and partners outstanding online services, thus assuring our success.

Thomas Biedermann, Director of WebDevelopment, SFS services AG