Perfectly Synchronized Omnichannel Experiences

FirstSpirit Anywhere is e-Spirit’s answer to perfectly synchronized omnichannel digital experiences at scale and at speed. It’s a suite of tools to empower non-technical teams with advanced content orchestration, regardless of which channels or front-end solutions you use. Engage customers at every stage of the buyer's journey with unmatched immersive personalized experiences and turn your customers into lifelong fans.

Screenshot of the Fragment Creator UI

Manage omnichannel content on any channel or front-end

Omnichannel marketers, meet your new favorite experience managment tool: FirstSpirit’s Omnichannel Manager. Omnichannel Manager enables you and your non-technical teams to:

  • Access FirstSpirit's powerful content management capabilities through an on demand UI, accessible for any channel or front-end solution.
  • See what your content will ultimately look like for your audience.
  • Edit that content before or after it goes live, ensuring more consistent branding, better digital experiences and deeper engagement.

These powerful view and edit features of FirstSpirit's headless, hybrid or head-optional CMS, accessible through an on demand UI, will enable your teams to deliver inspiring experiences on any channel. (e.g., mobile, PWAs, digital signs, conversational interfaces)

“We wanted to partner with a content management provider that would enable the brands to have the power to manage content on their own while delivering the omnichannel shopping experiences customers crave. FirstSpirit has exceeded our expectations in every way."

Matahiro Kashiwagi, Chief Digital Officer at TSI
Matahiro Kashiwagi, Chief Digital Officer at TSI

Screenshot of FirstSpirit Fragment Creator User Interface

Create omnichannel content at scale

An important benefit of a headless CMS is creating content that can be accessed by any channel across the world to fuel customized digital experiences. e-Spirit has developed the ideal UI to enable non-technical teams to create content specifically for this purpose. The FragmentCreator UI helps you create channel content—text, images, videos or any other content type with ease—no design is necessary. Your content will be consumed by the right channels at the precise moment a customer uses it. The digital experience for your content has already been designed for the channel for faster time to market, better experiences and increased revenue.

TSI Holdings case study

Learn how TSI Holdings delivers perfect content-rich omnichannel experiences using FirstSpirit Anywhere.

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Deliver Content-as-a-Service to any channel

Content-as-a-Service (CaaS) is the key to FirstSpirit's headless CMS capabilities, enabling your personalized content to be leveraged across any channel—mobile, website, voice activated device, store, IoT, digital sign, social network, progressive web app—at the precise moment consumers engage with them, in real time. CaaS, with an advanced API-driven, microservices architecture, enables any channel to pull content together dynamically from the FirstSpirit headless CMS for the right customer, in the right context and at the right touchpoint and time for inspiring digital experiences.


Predictive Targeting

Deliver hyper-personalized content and experiences to any channel, wherever customers may be, using FirstSpirit’s advanced machine learning-based Predictive Targeting. Match the right experience to the right visitor by scanning every content variation’s performance across audience segments to identify personalization opportunities that you can take action on with one click.


Omnichannel campaign management

Optimize omnichannel campaign performance from one central location. Using AI-powered testing and analytics algorithms, you can set your goals and KPIs and let the FirstSpirit Intelligent Content Engine do the analytics and optimization work for you ensuring optimized channel experiences every time.

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