Meet diverse Web content retention requirements with FirstSpirit

Web records management can be a complex and confusing topic, especially for global companies in highly regulated industries as well as for public sector organizations and agencies. FirstSpirit provides comprehensive tools for compliance with diverse regulatory requirements.

Beyond versioning: FirstSpirit provides access to any previous state of entire websites

As more and more content has moved online, governments around the world have enacted statutes and guidelines specifying what Web content – both external and internal – must be accessible and in what format and for how long. Failure to comply with these rules can open the door to significant fines or costly litigation.

Since Web content and retention rules change frequently, keeping pace with these requirements can be a daunting task. FirstSpirit gives website administrators and records managers the ability to map their policies for archiving, version management and accessibility to those of regulatory bodies around the world.

FirstSpirit makes versioning easy by providing the following:

Complete website retention

Simply versioning individual text elements and media is often not sufficient to satisfy compliance requirements. In cases involving corporate liability for instance, it may be necessary to produce proof of the previous state of an entire website. This is only possible if the complex tangle of text, media, documents and content from corporate databases and records management can be accessed in its entirety – and at any time in the past. FirstSpirit ensures this while also providing full navigation through historical sites and pages from a Web browser.

Archive lockdown

For publicly accessible websites, it is a simple matter for third-parties to download and modify content to support legal claims. In such cases, the website owner must have the ability to produce a website with validated content from a particular point in time. FirstSpirit supports this requirement by giving administrators the ability to prevent modification to archived versions.

Detailed versioning, revision history

External websites, intranets and extranets involve collaboration among many participants who maintain and work in parallel. This can lead to the need to trace development steps. “What changes were made to a text?” or “What content was released when and by whom?” These are typical questions from everyday editing work, and may be useful in responding to eDiscovery demands or meeting compliance requests. FirstSpirit saves all changes to projects in a version history that can be easily restored.

In addition, FirstSpirit provides powerful audit tools, allowing companies to roll back their documents to previous states of evolution while providing a complete history of site content – including exact references, external documents and data sources.

FirstSpirit provides peace of mind

Compliance and regulatory issues are enough to keep any website administrator or business executive up at night – one misstep can lead to long terms problems. With its integrated support for versioning, revision tracking and full website historization, FirstSpirit provides the peace of mind and protection needed in the face of complex, ever-changing content and regulations.

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The CMS enables flawless historical record keeping for all text, templates, logos, media, documents, and database content and allows editors to easily reproduce content.

Carsten Gauch, Project Manager, BGV Insurance Group