Completing the global user experience beyond CXM

If you want to make significant gains in the experience you provide to customers online, you need to look past the obvious and consider the experience of your entire team. In other words, the global user experience.

In the context of global user experience, selecting the right CMS is critical

Delivering a personalized and seamless experience across devices and touch points is often a struggle for many organizations. Why? One reason is that they are failing to consider the less obvious “back end” of the experience – the experience provided to content creators and developers who are the foundation of a great customer experience.

In the context of this “global user experience,” selecting the right CMS is critical. A superior customer experience happens when content creators, marketers, and developers can focus on the experience itself, not the mechanics of producing it. You need a mature CMS that provides a balanced set of tools and capabilities for your entire team along the online value chain.

FirstSpirit is such a CMS. More than 1,000 brands have already implemented FirstSpirit to power everything from corporate websites and e-commerce solutions to large scale intranets and extranets. Their stories all have common themes. Creating personalized content, integrating systems or going mobile is now easier than ever before. Bottlenecks are gone and workflows are dramatically improved.

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Here's how FirstSpirit supports the entire Web team:

Content Creator Experience

  • An intuitive and highly efficient editing environment so your content creators can focus on creating great content, not learning and manipulating tools
  • Flexible workflows that support existing processes and make it easy to implement new best practices that improve productivity and efficiency
  • The ability to make system-level changes without the need for IT involvement for faster time to market and better use of IT resources
  • Ability to easily acquire, repurpose and publish content in many forms from many sources to support the most far-reaching multi- or omni-channel marketing strategies
  • Efficient management of multilingual websites and intranets to ensure a strong global presence with consistent branding

Developer Experience

  • A cohesive and collaborative development environment that lets developers focus on critical high-value activities
  • Flexibility to use familiar and best-of-breed tools for design, development, testing, deployment, etc. to complete projects in record time
  • Support for a variety of languages, databases, and frameworks

Integrator Experience

The result? An outstanding customer experience across all touch points. Read more

Beyond customer experience management

Great customer experiences are predicated on the effectiveness of a CMS to address the global user experience —in effect, a well-designed CMS inspires better performance on the part of content creators and developers, yielding customer experiences that deliver more business impact. It also allows integration of familiar and new tools to enhance the productivity and effectiveness of content creators and developers along the online value chain.

To learn more download the white paper Beyond Customer Experience Management: What Your CMS Really Needs to Deliver. This insightful document is the result of a collaboration among Marc Strohlein, Principal of Agile Business Logic, Stefan Walgenbach, Vice President of R&D for e-Spirit, and Oliver Jaeger, Vice President of Marketing & Communications for e-Spirit. Each co-author brings their years of cross-discipline experience in the CMS industry to bear while challenging many popular assumptions about what’s important in a CMS.

e-Spirit white paper: Learn how to address the global user experience

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When marketing your brand, engaging with your customer base is vital. But so is engaging your own team."

Butch Stearns,Chief Customer Officer, The Pulse Network