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With the world becoming more connected every day, it’s vital that your content management system simplifies localization processes and supports your globalization goals and business objectives. FirstSpirit has what it takes to go global.

FirstSpirit CMS provides a flexible, scalable global content management solution

Switzerland-based Geberit AG is the leading European manufacturer of sanitary systems and products with sales operations in 41 countries. In short, Geberit is the definition of a global company. When it came time to select a new CMS, Geberit selected FirstSpirit and now uses it as the basis for its corporate website and localized websites in all 41 countries.

Developed from the outset as an international system for supporting multiple websites for multiple brands on a large scale, FirstSpirit provides the full set of capabilities expected in a global-ready content management system. Needless to say, there’s a lot more to supporting local websites than text translation.

Key globalization concepts supported by FirstSpirit include:


No two companies are alike in the way they structure websites, whether by language, locale or sales region. With FirstSpirit, content and media aimed at various target user groups as well as international and sales campaign pages can be centrally stored in the CMS and flexibly delivered based on user group, device, theme, or country.

Content consistency

Maintaining a consistent look, feel, and messaging across multiple corporate and regional touch points is Marketing 101. FirstSpirit makes this easy with intuitive operation, robust master templates and automated tools for blending corporate content with local content that reduce editorial workload and ensure global brand consistency.

Translation integration

Many websites suffer from what the Gilbane Group calls “language afterthought syndrome”. FirstSpirit avoids this by providing support for multilingual content and digital marketing at its core. Further, it simplifies translation processes with structured export and import of content.

Custom workflows

FirstSpirit provides highly customizable workflows that enable content developers from any internal department or discipline, any regional office, or any external partner or agency to automatically and securely work within established practices and corporate guidelines.

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The FirstSpirit integration helped significantly increase the efficiency of our content editing and work processes throughout the company.

Nurkan Ernst, Knorr-Bremse IT Services GmbH