Protect investments with a best-of-breed strategy

Gone are the days when a single suite can support modern digital strategies. Blending applications around an open and extensible Web CMS like FirstSpirit provides all the benefits of integration, preserving investments and allowing you to easily embrace future innovations.

Break open content silos for consistent and more efficient communication

To implement digital strategies your company likely has an extensive toolkit of diverse solutions: content management systems, e-commerce back-ends, CRM, marketing automation, analytics, SEO, portals, data bases and numerous other cloud and on-premise solutions allow content to be shared dynamically and targeted to specific groups and covering all touch points.

But there’s a problem. The different technologies often stand alone, disconnected from each other. In other words you’ve got content silos. The consequences are inefficient processes as well as inconsistent user experiences. Your marketing and communications people must jump back and forth between the different solutions. Time-consuming manual work steps and redundant data management are daily occurrences.

In addition, with the rapid development of mobile devices, social networks, multimedia content and the diversification of communication channels, customers expect ever better, faster and higher quality online experiences.

Improve efficiency and flexibility with integrated technologies

With all these factors companies can no longer afford to ignore this disconnect. They run the risk, in the long or short run, of failure from inconsistent and context-free strategies. One possible option is to purchase a suite. But such an approach is full of problems ranging from cost and complex implementations to functional mismatches. Afterall, it is unreasonable to expect a single vendor to be best in class across multiple disciplines.

Give the problems with suites, more and more companies are opting for a best-of-breed approach and integrating the solutions required for comprehensive customer experience management around a centralized content management system.

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Here are four important advantages to using FirstSpirit as the basis for your best-of-breed strategies:

1. Investment protection—you can continue using your existing solutions because they can be integrated into the FirstSpirit CMS. No more “rip & replace“ where entire back-ends have to be replaced when new applications are added, or you want to improve functionality or usability. In this way, your investments are preserved, you can blend the solutions that best suit your purposes into a central platform and you can build on the distinctive strengths of your best-of-breed providers.

2. Faster return on investment—less effort is needed to maintain content since all applications are available centrally and editors don’t have to work in different systems or move data manually. Editors don’t have to waste time navigating inconsistent systems and can instead spend their time doing what they do best: editing and creating great content.

3. Embrace innovation—new technologies and solutions can be integrated into the CMS at any time. With its open architecture FirstSpirit is expandable and adaptable—a critical factor for keeping up with fast-changing online trends. This also ensures security and stability as new solutions are added because your entire infrastructure is retained and only the integration elements are modified.

4. Improved content quality—with an integrated view of all applications and systems in a central platform and direct access to company data, editors have a much better user experience. Streamlined editing saves time, but it also results in higher quality content because errors from redundant data handling or manually moving content are greatly reduced.