FirstSpirit ContentCreator: Editor Experience for the digital future

FirstSpirit 5.2 makes creating, managing and delivering content and customer experiences to all digital channels and touchpoints easy and efficient. Now editors in the back-end can have as good an experience building sites as your end users will have clicking around it. FirstSpirit supports new business, marketing, and communication strategies for a digitally transforming world.

Content management made easy

A positive customer experience is vital for the success of any digital strategy. But it all starts with making sure the editors who do the work along the online value chain to bring content to life have a great experience as well—that's why we at e-Spirit have always put so much emphasis on usability. Our goal is to ensure that editors in the back-end have as good an experience creating engaging digital experiences as the customers will have enjoying the results.

FirstSpirit gives content editors an intuitive yet powerful and flexible browser-based work environment for creating, managing and publishing personalized content for all channels and devices. And the story doesn’t stop with intuitive operation:

FirstSpirit enables more efficient processes that save time, thus ensuring a quick time-to-market, the best and most cost-efficient content management solution possible.

FirstSpirit's ContentCreator: Intuitive browser interface for web editors

User friendly operation that boosts productivity

FirstSpirit takes managing content and user experience to a new level of simplicity and efficiency for the entire content creation team. With our FirstSpirit ContentCreator we provide a working environment that is not just designed for intuitive operation, but is actually fun and enjoyable to use as well. Key usability features and benefits that help you to boost your time-to-market include:


Work directly in the browser

Instead of having to shift focus to different screens, editors work in on their website in our web client as it looks in the normal browser view. They see the effects of changes right away. The result is no wasted steps, allowing editors to look through the “eyes of the customers” throughout the editing process. Even faster than the ContentCreator is the new Live-Edit feature introduced with FirstSpirit 5.2 for quick on-the-fly updates directly on the live website.


Multi-perspective Preview

It is so easy to manage and optimize content for different personas, time-based marketing campaigns or multiple display sizes. With just one click in FirstSpirit's Multi-perspective Preview, you can review exactly what content is being displayed to whom, when and how it looks on what device. Editors can edit the content directly in the preview and easily improve layout.


Making Content Optimization Easy

FirstSpirit A/B Testing allows you to directly compare as many variants of your website as you want in order to select, based on substantiated information, the one that will be most successful. Test the effectiveness of images, videos, text or different layouts of your site and continuously optimize the relevance of your content, thus increasing your conversion rates.


Clear, user-friendly design

Clear, user-friendly design—intuitive content entry components, menus and report areas make it fast to design layouts and implement changes. Wizards guide users through content management steps and check whether values or entries are allowed and complete, saving time and improving consistency.


Rapid task completion

With FirstSpirit, common tasks can be complete with fewer mouse clicks, saving time. Drag and drop is available throughout to make quick work of creating, inserting, moving and reusing content as well as content templates ("Building Blocks")—within the client as well as from the desktop or connected and external systems. Tools such as dynamic forms and wizards with automated plausibility checks further simplify complex tasks and ensure content quality.


Fast translations and localizations

FirstSpirit helps international companies by providing comprehensive support for multilingual websites – both on the output page as well as on the backend, using features to help editorial teams located all over the world to work together more efficiently. In the ContentCreator, for example, content from one language can be adopted into another or using the preferred integrated online translation tool, translated directly into the target language – whether intended for immediate publication or further localization and optimization.


Advanced search to find what you need

Full-text search with autocomplete and wide-ranging filter/sorting options of results ensure that searching and finding happens fast. For non-textual searches, objects can be added into the ContentCreator search using drag and drop. For additional time savings, search results can be dragged directly from the search dialog into entry components.


Search engine optimization

Editors can use a simple URL generator to give sites better retrievability (SEO-URLs) and create multilingual or memorable short URLs for landing pages.

Take the next step for a better UX

The secret is out: positive user experiences are a win-win situation for all. Delivering a superior user experience has been a point of emphasis for us since the very beginning and has led to very strong user adoption rates across the FirstSpirit installed base. We can do the same for you.Contact us today to schedule a test drive including a live demo tailored to your requirements.

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FirstSpirit also offers non-technical editors options in an easily learned and logically laid-out form for structuring their ideas and displaying them on employee screens with an attractive design.

Dr. Hannes Rosner, new media communication, Wüstenrot & Württembergische AG