Improve customer and editor experience with integrated Web applications

The Web is full of literally 1,000s of innovative and useful applications – wouldn’t it be great if your Web content management system let you take advantage of these many apps? With FirstSpirit you can. Easily.

FirstSpirit AppCenter delivers a richer online experience

With the introduction of AppCenter for the FirstSpirit CMS, virtually any cloud application can be integrated quickly and easily. It enables smooth interoperability with a wide range of technologies and content sources without the need for lengthy software development cycles.

Using AppCenter is easy. Cloud applications are displayed in FirstSpirit and then can be used, edited and published on your website, intranet or any other channel. Text, images, audio and video files, product reviews and much more can all be processed from within FirstSpirit – saving your team time and money. Time-consuming switching between many different programs and error-prone manual transferring of content from web applications to the CMS become a thing of the past.

Some scenarios of how you could be using FirstSpirit AppCenter:

  • Capture images and videos from diverse resources such as iStockphoto, flickr, YouTube, Vimeo, or MovingIMAGE24
  • Incorporate advanced geolocation content from Google Earth and other mapping services to make your facilities easier to find

  • Tap into online databases, translation tools, commerce or marketing applications to improve processes for your content editors
  • Go beyond simple social sharing for more complete social integration coupled with advanced analytics

Accelerate time-to-market

In addition to tapping Web resources, AppCenter can be used to minimize project-specific integration efforts. It provides straightforward integration of internal, external and custom applications via a standardized API, allowing for a super-fast time-to-market. Further, new applications can be developed and integrated quickly through AppCenter in order to meet specific needs.

Now you can take advantage of all that the Web has to offer.

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