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A comprehensive collection of e-Spirit’s marketing research. Here you’ll find case studies, e-books, and more resources for success in content and digital experience management.

Case studies

Learn how e-Spirit helps clients create content-rich e-commerce experiences.

Julius Blum GmbH

a global manufacturer of furniture fittings

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TSI Holdings

A top fashion retailer in Japan.

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World's leading provider of sanitary fittings.

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Outdoor Retailer

US retailer for outdoor apparel and equipment.

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Children's Apparel Company

Largest retailer of baby and children's clothing.

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E-books and Whitepapers

21 Digital Experience Trends to Act On In 2019

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5 ways marketing pros are using AI for a digital experience edge

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What does it take to be a digital experience leader?

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How to use omnichannel marketing to drive e-commerce revenue

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Four Ways to Enable Micro-moments of Influence

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How to Collect Data While Protecting Customer Privacy

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Content + Commerce

CaaS in action

Urban Decay Video Testimonial

AI-powered Segmentation

AI-powered Testing & Optimization

AI-powered Behavioral Messaging


B2B & B2C e-Commerce: 3 Strategies to Boost Engagement & Revenue

The Key to Innovative Digital Experiences at Scale is Headless CMS

How to Build Your 2019 Data-Driven e-Commerce Strategy

Enrich Your Commerce With AI-driven Content

Personalize or Perish: AI-Driven Digital Experience Personalization for a Competitive Edge

AI - Next Gen Marketing at Scale


FirstSpirit Starter Package for SalesForce Commerce Cloud

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AI-Powered Personalization for Dynamic Digital Experiences

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