Scope of services

The Technical Support is our team of expert engineers, providing international support for all questions and challenges you might come across using FirstSpirit. This article outlines the scope of services the Technical Support provides and also explains what the Technical Support does not cover, mentioning contact points for these topics. Please also consider your software maintenance agreement.

Product Support

Whenever you encounter a technical issue with FirstSpirit or with a product extension acquired through Crownpeak you should open a support request by simply submitting a request at or

Once the support request is created you will be informed about the current status and progress via e-mail. Additionally you can find a complete overview of your support requests by clicking on your name at the top of this page and selecting "my activities".

Please always choose the correct priority when submitting a request to allow an optimal handling. You are able to change the priority later on. Details about the available priorities can be found in the article "Priorities and Service Categories".

In order to support you solving the issues you report efficiently and timely, the Technical Support Engineers need as much information as possible about your request. Please see the article "The optimal Support Request" to learn more about this.

License Key Requests

The Technical Support will provide license keys for the products you have licensed upon request. You can simply request a license by creating a support request as described above. After checking the validity of your request we will provide you with the license keys as soon as possible.

Software Shipment Requests

The Technical Support provides access to the FirstSpirit software as well as product extensions acquired through Crownpeak You can simply request the software you have acquired through Crownpeak by creating a support request as described above and we will provide you with a download link as soon as possible.

If you have reported a bug which is fixed in a new version, we will automatically inform you about this new version as soon as it is available.

Feature Requests and General Questions

You can take advantage of the FirstSpirit Community for general questions related to FirstSpirit. Questions asked in the community may be answered by FirstSpirit customers, partners and Crownpeak employees. As the individuals responding are most likely unfamiliar with the context of your project, the community is particularly suited to questions that are of a general nature or that are not closely related to a particular project. Questions submitted to the community are answered on a voluntary basis, meaning that you should contact Professional Services (see below) when facing time-sensitive issues.

Ideas and extensions to the FirstSpirit feature set (Feature Requests) can also be placed in the FirstSpirit Community to be discussed and rated by other customers and partners. To do this we created the space Feature Discussion within the community which is solely about your ideas and wishes.

Project Support and Professional Services

Many questions can only be resolved by becoming familiar with the particular project, as there are often a large number of specific conditions which need to be taken into account. The most efficient way to resolve project-specific issues is to consult with our Professional Services team. For further information and contact details, please see the "Professonal Services" section of our website.