The optimal support request

In order to support you solving the issues you report, the Technical Support Engineers need as much information as possible about your issue.

You can help by providing us with the essential information from the checklist below to allow an efficient handling and a timely response. If we need further information we will ask for it, of course.

Description of your request

Keep the description of your issue as specific as possible. Imprecise descriptions substantially slow down the diagnosis. Errors which cannot be immediately classified due to an unspecific description can not always be handled with requested priority.

Required information

Provide as much information as possible about the issue and the system it occurs in. This could be:

  • The exact FirstSpirit version in use.
  • Information about all relevant platform components (OS, database, webserver) including their version numbers.
  • Screenshots of the error condition.
  • Relevant log files of the client and/or server including the appropriate timestamp to help us find the corresponding log file entries.
  • The FirstSpirit error report from the SiteArchitect.

For SaaS customers: Make sure to include the environment (i.e. URL) and project affected.

Expected behavior

Describe what the behavior you expect and what the actual behavior is.

Reproduction instructions

If you are able to reproduce the issue, please let us know the exact way of doing so (for example a click path).


Use an appropriate priority in accordance with the information found in the article "Priorities and Service Categories" and please provide a brief explanation of why the priority was chosen, if you choose a higher priority than "high". This helps us to better understand your needs.

Everything in one place

Deliver all information regarding your issue within the ticket and do not reference external systems like the FirstSpirit Community or other information not directly available like conversations with other Crownpeak employees.

One request per topic

Do not use existing / old tickets for new requests unless the old ticket describes exactly the same problem as the new request. In doubt, create a new request and reference the old one in your description of the problem.