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Company websites must be easy to navigate and highly engaging if you want to keep customers coming back. With FirstSpirit CMS, the task of attracting customers and converting online leads into sales is easy and cost-effective.

FirstSpirit is your ally in achieving website greatness

Where do most people go when they want to know about a product or company? Most of us automatically look up a website. We get to know about the company, its product pricing and availability, history and even where to send a complaint.

If it’s a good website, we might even linger a bit over an informative video. A great website—we’ll forward the link on, add it to our favorites and turn to it as the top choice resource in its field. Because a great website doesn’t just supply information. It evokes an emotional response which in turn makes us more likely to become loyal customers of the company that developed it.

With FirstSpirit CMS, companies that aim for greatness have an able ally for easily creating attractive, memorable and fresh content for their websites.

Save time and efforts

Easy multisite management

Many different languages, regions, brands, web & mobile channels: Manage all your company sites more efficiently. More on globalization.

Dynamic websites

High performance, stable, and dynamic websites. Do personalization the smart way with SmartDynamics.

Benefit from the cloud

The best of Web: tap cloud services and apps to give your audience a more engaging experience. AppCenter makes it simple.

Website creation, enhancement and maintenance simplified

Its comprehensive functionality combined with ease of use makes FirstSpirit the perfect choice for creating and maintaining corporate websites that turn visitors into customers and keep them coming back.

By using the FirstSpirit CMS as the platform for their websites, companies gain the following advantages and much more:

  • Easily engage customers:quality content, advanced multimedia tools, social media support and Web apps bring excitement to your website
  • Consistent branding:ensure brand and corporate design consistency on global basis using a central content platform for corporate templates, content, and media
  • Streamline processes:use resources more efficiently by sharing content and managing workflow across your entire (decentral) team of editors, content creators and developers
  • Reduce complexity, costs and efforts:exceptional usability features make managing complex websites, multiple languages and personalized content simple
  • Going mobile:full support for responsive design techniques ensures that your websites look exceptional regardless of the screen size or connection speed.

FirstSpirit not only gives visitors to your website a great user experience, but editors in the back-end appreciate its user-friendliness. FirstSpirit enables complex tasks—from set-up and publication to analysis and content optimization—to be managed easier and faster. This makes it easy to build a website that draws and keeps customers. Greatness is only a few clicks away.

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FirstSpirit enables us to create and publish new website projects faster and more stringently than before.

Manfred Schurer, Head of e-Communications, MAN Truck & Bus

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