Find more qualified leads with efficient digital marketing

Smoothly interconnect content and campaigns across channels to support your entire digital marketing strategy – and convert more prospects into qualified leads and repeat customers.

Get to know your customers and prospects better with FirstSpirit

Would you like to get truly relevant contacts and better leads? FirstSpirit assists your lead generation process, from planning to implementation, analysis and optimization of individual campaigns.

Easily combine marketing automation, email marketing, social media, video integration, Web analysis, or marketing campaigns with FirstSpirit. You can manage all of the essential steps for results-oriented digital marketing through a central editing interface, promoting content reuse and saving time.

For particularly effective lead development, these steps can also be bundled and automated. By combining FirstSpirit and marketing automation tools, marketing departments can deliver high quality leads by efficiently controlling, analyzing and optimizing the customer journey.

Key advantages of using FirstSpirit as the cornerstone of your digital strategy include:

  • Website personalization to deliver engaging, relevant content
  • Effective cross-channel management for greater visibility, brand expansion and more sales
  • Lower costs by more easily creating new content and reusing it in websites, articles, social media, email blasts and other channels
  • Easily jazz up your websites with interactive and appealing content such as images, graphics and videos plus any of 1,000s of available Web applications
  • Communicate directly with audiences from the FirstSpirit user interface via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and integrate blogs or forums with ease

  • Build more traffic with catchy URLs that are easy to create and customize them to boost search rankings
  • Continuously improve with powerful features like "click heatmap" that let you analyze visitor behavior in real time, or tap existing analysis tools or Web services for a complete view
  • Integrated A/B testing tools let you conveniently analyze landing pages, mailings and teasers to help ensure your conversion rates steadily grow
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Improve your conversion rates

FirstSpirit supports the full gamut of digital marketing strategies—from optimal personalization to content delivery through the right channels and thorough evaluation at the end of your campaigns. The result? A significant improvement in conversion rates.

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FirstSpirit enables us to efficiently get target group-specific content online while reducing costs and efforts at the same time.

Isabel Herzog, Geberit International AG