Boost visibility, drive sales with content marketing strategies

Improve conversion rates from your digital marketing campaigns with realtime behavior tracking and analysis to present every visitor to your website with personalized content at the right time on the right device.

Customers indicate their interests as they click. With FirstSpirit you can take advantage.

In a perfect world, every visitor to your websites or landing pages would gladly fill out contact forms and tell you about their interests. But these days, people are more wary than ever about revealing their identity. More frustrating, studies have shown time and again that delivering personalized, relevant content dramatically improves conversion rates.

So how do marketers figure out what content is likely to be of interest?

One of the most powerful, innovative and easy to implement tools for addressing this quandary is FirstSpirit RealtimeTargeting. When a visitor arrives on any of your Web properties the Web-based RealtimeTargeting engine goes to work to track every visitors’ behavior. With each click it creates a profile and then taps pre-defined rules to deliver content such as special offers or persona group relevant data sheets and white papers tailored to their interests.

Setting up different personas and managing content for your campaigns is simple, and handled from within the FirstSpirit ContentCreator using the Multi-perspective Preview and persona simulator. From there content can be published out across any channel you want to give your customers and prospects the personalized experience that gets results.

FirstSpirit RealtimeTargeting solves a critical problem facing marketers today how to deliver a personalized experience to Web visitors, regardless of whether they reveal their identity or if they are reluctant to turn over personal data.

Advantages: RealtimeTargeting with FirstSpirit CMS

Advanced behavior analysis

FirstSpirit RealtimeTargeting doesn’t just track page views and events, it lets you understand who your customers are, where they found you, and how they engage with you.

Easy content personalization

Efficiently create, maintain and optimize personalized content in FirstSpirit and conveniently preview content variants for different user roles, campaign times and output devices with Multi-perspective preview.

Improve conversion rates

Take advantages of insights provided by RealtimeTargeting to identify danger zones in the funnel and optimize processes, offers and content delivery.

Seamless cross-channel experiences

Support for profile merging prevents creation of duplicate profiles when the same user visits your site from multiple devices, ensuring the best experience possible on all devices.

Rapid sales engagement

Available integration with CRM and other sales and support systems enable leads and behavior analysis to be directly turned over to sales, or other internal segmentation services so your team can move at the speed of the Web.

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