The best of both worlds: CMS usability for portals

The classic enterprise portal needs to evolve into a modern digital workplace. But how? The answer is FirstSpirit. By using FirstSpirit as the content management and presentation layer, you can finally meet user expectations for portal usability.

Keep productivity high with effective enterprise portals

Successful portals feature a skillful blending of editorial content and business applications that draws users to a one-stop platform to gather information, collaborate and do their jobs more efficiently. It’s a great vision. But far too often portal deployments fall well short. In many cases portals and content management systems are separate from each other, forcing users to spend precious cycles trying to navigate a complex, disjointed infrastructure of new, old and homegrown systems. Key requirements like Social, Local, Mobile (SoLoMo) are hit or miss at best.

Companies seeking to create a modern digital workplace—and retain their portal investments—have a powerful ally in the FirstSpirit CMS. We offer the only CMS that integrates seamlessly with the major portal frameworks, transforming them into attractive, dynamic and easy-to-maintain information and work platforms.

Portals and content in harmony

Company portals need to be truly accepted by users if they are to deliver a swift return on investment, boost employee efficiency and add value to external target groups, such as customer and partner portals.

With FirstSpirit, portal applications and editorial content come together in a single platform. This means content creators and editors can use the CMS to craft a compelling user experience—much like what employees experience on consumer sites—while providing personalized access to the full range of portal applications. All without the need for IT support.

Key advantages to using FirstSpirit as the basis for your digital workplace strategy include:

  • Ability to blend content and existing portal applications, giving users a compelling, personalized experience
  • A fully modern, user friendly digital workplace without the expense and disruption of rip and replace or need for daily IT involvement
  • Dramatically improved editorial content quality, appearance and quantity, driving user adoption
  • Flexible output channels for using portal content in blogs, social media, mobile or print reduce efforts

  • Easy interfacing with existing databases for rapid deployment and implementation
  • High-performance editing environment, even for massive multi-user operations, reducing support costs
  • Proven scalability for deployments involving massive content stores, hundreds of websites and tens of thousands of users
  • Complete history of content activity, including the dependent object structures, meeting compliance and record retention requirements

FirstSpirit Portal Solutions

FirstSpirit seamlessly integrates with the top enterprise portals. Fully validated solutions are available for the following portal frameworks:

  • IBM WebSphere Portal
  • Liferay Portal
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server
  • Red Hat JBoss Portal Platform
  • SAP NetWeaver Portal

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