Convenience, security, mobility: bank on it with the FirstSpirit hybrid CMS

Banking today calls for the utmost in both convenience and security to attract new customers and retain current clients. The FirstSpirit hybrid (headless+) CMS offers both in a platform that supports the banking industry’s digital strategy while allowing you to greatly improve the customer experience.

Banking systems and services run smoother, more efficiently with a central CMS

Critical challenges for both retail and investment banks center on making your brand stand out in a highly competitive market place. This means you need to create a great multi-channel experience that delivers flawless usability, consistent branding through all touch points and seamless interactions across call centers, branches and digital systems.

What’s more, customers expect Web content that is personalized to their needs. Young parents want to learn about college savings plans while seniors want to know more about reverse mortgage programs. Unfortunately, for many banks, different programs and channels are managed by different departments that often are not equipped to work effectively with each other.

Select Banking & Financial Services Customers:

Excellent user experiences keep and attract customers

This calls for a sophisticated digital strategy built around a central Web content management system. Websites, backend systems and portals must work seamlessly together to deliver a confidence-inspiring, highly personalized and truly convenient cross-channel experience for people from all walks of life.

FirstSpirit CMS is the solution that supports the banking industry’s digital strategy:

  • Outstanding usability for the entire content creation team including editors, developers and integrators with full in-context editing and drag and drop – for optimized efficiency and great ease-of-use
  • Lower ongoing costs through expanded reuse of content across multiple channels and devices and reduced hardware and support requirements.
  • Ability to pull together both any available content regardless of source including internal and external – to break-up content silos and make existing content and applications centrally available
  • Integrated workflow management to improve content development, quality control and publishing – for a fast time-to-market
  • Robust features, safeguards and functionality to ensure compliance at all turns with full revision storage and versioning support.
  • Mobile banking assistance supporting mobile apps and responsive Web design, so sites format instantly to smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Banking is a competitive, rapidly evolving industry with a wealth of needs and requirements, from customers to employees and regulatory bodies. Satisfying them all calls for systems that link up well, perform flawlessly and are easy to build and maintain and are secure. You can bank on FirstSpirit to handle the job without, pardon us, breaking the bank.

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