Manage manufacturing challenges with well-integrated websites and portals

In a global world, manufacturers need a Web presence that effectively strengthens communication channels with their employees, suppliers and customers wherever they are located. FirstSpirit handles the heavy lifting so you can focus on customer and market demands on all continents.

Success comes to manufacturers who can deliver a tailored Web experience integrated with backend systems

Whatever you’re producing, be it cars or computers, the equipment or raw materials that make them or the ships and aircraft that transport them to buyers around the world, all manufacturers for B2B and B2C goods face the same issues—an increasingly global workforce, far-flung suppliers and customers, shifting market needs and tight margins.

Communication—via well-integrated websites and portals—is key to managing and effectively dealing with such issues, so you can open new markets or increase market share. Even in industrial settings, website visitors today have high expectations for personalization, attractive multi-media product overviews, and social and mobile support.

Reap synergies through all channels

FirstSpirit’s best-of-breed content integration solution can power your entire Web presence, including employee portals, supplier extranets, customer-facing websites and your social media channels or communities. And it can do so without rip and replace of existing software and hardware while integrating with your ERP, CRM, MAM, e-commerce and other systems. The resulting synergies improve value from your website and your current infrastructure.

FirstSpirit benefits include:

  • Ease-of-use and efficiency: Superior user experience for the entire content team, including editors, developers and integrators, so there is no need for lengthy training or IT involvement
  • Like your portal platform? Keep or upgrade easily as FirstSpirit easily integrates with best-of-breed enterprise portals including SAP NetWeaver, Microsoft SharePoint, IBM WebSphere, Liferay, Red Hat JBoss and more
  • Open and standards-based interfaces for easily connecting to backend databases and product information management solutions ensure accuracy and consistency
  • Maintain a consistent look and feel and branding across all your web and e-commerce sites using templates and style guides accessible globally through a central platform
  • Support for advanced analytics to fill knowledge gaps and reveal key insights about customer behavior to optimize your website
  • Scalable, central publishing platform with extensive support for multiple channels including online, print, mobile and social
  • Create once and reuse often speeds time to market and reduces operational costs