Communicate and collaborate with internal and external target groups

Maintaining effective intranets and extranets for targeted communication with key corporate user groups is easy and convenient, thanks to FirstSpirit. Transform your websites into exciting, go-to destinations for the latest company news and information.

Turn to FirstSpirit for consumer-grade intranets and extranets

Companies use internal and external websites for communication with defined target groups, be it employees, suppliers or other business partners. Both are vital information conduits for the daily conduct of business. But to work effectively, these websites must empower editors and line-of-business managers to keep websites fresh and current without extensive training or IT support.

Intranet—the heart of internal corporate communication

A good intranet provides a fast, efficient way for employees to search for company information and forms, stay current on company news, or communicate with other employees via company-wide blogs or chat rooms. FirstSpirit powers intranets that gain a high level of acceptance among employees through personalized and current content that's as accessible on the desktop as it on smartphone and tablets.

Extranet—the direct line to your business partners

The same is true for extranets. FirstSpirit can help you set up extranets and keep them up-to-date while providing business partners with secure, personalized access to information important only to them. Existing applications such as ERP or online store systems are supported. As an integration platform, FirstSpirit has the necessary flexibility to integrate diverse applications into the extranet without a need for rip and replace of existing applications.

Central hub for personalized, intuitive, highly-frequented websites

All too often, intranets and extranets trail external website in sophistication and make do with a combination of hand-coded or home grown systems that not only lack modern features like responsive design, but are also hard to use. FirstSpirit brings internal sites up to speed while providing central management of content for improved ease- and joy-of-use, and fast return on investment.

Key benefits of using FirstSpirit for intranets and extranets include:

  • Intuitive editing interface with direct editing and live preview from a Web browser dramatically lowers training and ongoing support costs.
  • Full mobile support so users always have a great experience from smartphones and tablets.
  • Go global through central management of templates so corporate identity and design guidelines can be maintained across intranets and extranets in multiple countries and languages.

  • Personalized access, both to editing functions and to content and applications. Employees see only authorized information and can only change the information within their purview.
  • Lower costs and improve productivity through integration of Web apps directly into the intranet or extranet using FirstSpirit AppCenter.

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