Drive conversions with AI-powered testing and analytics

Automatically and continuously optimize content performance using AI-powered testing, optimization and analytics algorithms. Simply set your optimization goals and FirstSpirit will select the top performing variations for you for truly effortless optimization.

Optimize experiences in real-time

Ensure visitors receive a personalized experience from awareness to conversion by executing predictive tests and AI-powered optimization across all channels. Subtle customizations help you maximize the value of marketing content with minimal time investment on your part. You can iterate, analyze and continuously optimize content for a better understanding of your customers, helping you deliver the digital experiences they require.

When I joined MediaMarkt, we had a very diverse set of tools that were used for different purposes: testing, recommendations, messaging, cart recovery, and more. Since starting...we’ve reduced the total cost of ownership, and we enjoy a lot of new and valuable functionality that we hadn’t had before enabling us to launch and test campaigns on a weekly basis leading to a true customer centered online shopping experience.

David Geisen, Chief Digital Officer, MediaMarkt Iberia

Continuously A/B test and optimize across any channel


Optimize App Content

Run highly targeted experiments on in-app content or elements. FirstSpirit allows you to roll out updates and release changes without having to wait for app store approvals.


Optimize Email Campaigns

Create intelligent links that dynamically route users to different content variations, automatically optimized for the goals you set.


Optimize Display Ads Dynamically

Automatically split traffic between ad variations and FirstSpirit will dynamically select the best performing ad for you for better adwords results.

View KPIs from a smart dashboard

Make it simple to orchestrate intelligence-driven campaigns across sites, languages and channels. FirstSpirit's Smart Dashboards give marketers easy access to all content-relevant KPIs in one central location so you can optimize campaign content easily across any channel for high impact results.

Run real-time multivariate tests

Make every aspect of your marketing decision-making based on data with real-time multivariate tests for better results. FirstSpirit allows you to test multiple variables simultaneously and dynamically to deliver the best performing content combinations.

Run automated tests on anything from content variations to differing layouts to CTAs, and more. FirstSpirit dynamically selects the best option so you can drive more conversions from your content.

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