Unlock Webinar: Create Digital Experiences FAST, EASY, NOW!

The days of the monolithic, single stack content management system are over. Updating your website, translating content across regions, adding content to commerce (e.g., shoppable videos, UGC) or even creating mobile app experiences should be easy, without needing a degree in computer science. This is what you get with hybrid headless content management.

Join this webinar to learn how easy it can be to create digital experiences FAST, EASY and NOW using e-Spirit’s FirstSpirit Experience Accelerator (FSXA) and hybrid headless CMS.

Topics in this webinar include:

  • Overview of a hybrid headless CMS and how it will boost digital engagements.
  • What is included in the FirstSpirit Experience Accelerator. (e.g., hybrid headless CMS, PWA)
  • Demonstration of how easy it can be to create digital experiences in your current tech ecosystem with few resources and, for a short time only, no cost
  • See 4 major digital experience use cases in action

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