24 Point Checklist for Migrating Your CMS from On-Premises to the Cloud

If you’re considering migrating your CMS to the cloud, this 24-point checklist will get you on the right track with best-practices for a successful migration.

Take the first step and start your journey into the cloud now!

Moving and migrating existing infrastructure often appears as a monumental undertaking. With our 24 point checklist we give you the essential pointers on where to start and what to consider so that you can get your digital transformation underway.

This checklist includes the first steps for you to:

  • Determine the current status quo.
  • Establish measurements for success and ROI.
  • Choose the right migration processes and strategies.
  • Develop a solid foundation for the project.
  • Calculate project length and cost.

Do not underestimate the importance of up-front planning and taking the time to learn from experienced experts, going to workshops, etc.

Beate Gerhardt, Digital Marketing Manager at Brenntag

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