Critical DXP Capabilities for Delivering Experiences Faster

Creating and delivering experiences at scale

As B2B and B2C customers have flocked to digital channels as their primary way of interacting with a brand, and their expectations for an optimal digital experience have increased concurrently.

Marketers need best of breed tools to deliver tailored experiences easily across any digital channel. Foundational to that is the digital experience platform (DXP), and within any enterprise-grade DXP is the CMS, the core of the system.

Should you go with a headless, traditional, or a hybrid CMS solution? What other DXP capabilities should you be looking for to enable your staff to work faster, smarter and easier?

Join CMSWire contributor Brian Carlson as he examines the benefits of deploying a DXP with a hybrid headless CMS in order to deliver great digital experiences quickly at scale.

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