Forrester Report: Drive Alignment and Accelerate Transformation with Platforms

As companies look to move faster and retire technical debt, buying individual pieces of technology and finding all the services to put them together can slow the process down. Future-fit leaders are increasingly turning to platforms—preassembled bundles of enabling technology and services—to deliver specific business capabilities or customer experiences.

Forrester states:

“Buying bundles rather than bits of technology is the key to moving faster — especially as modern development decisions shift from build versus buy to customize or compose.”*

Download this complimentary report to learn:

  • The drivers for buying technology at the platform level
  • Key characteristics and types of technology platforms
  • Recommendations for leveraging the power of platforms to drive alignment and accelerate digital transformation

*Drive Alignment and Accelerate Transformation with Platforms, Forrester Research, Inc., June 16th, 2021