Hybrid CMS The Next Generation of Headless Content Management

While headless undoubtedly brings many advantages for agility and innovation, relying exclusively on API services comes with significant disadvantages for business users as well as developers. This whitepaper dives deeper into the benefits and advantages of Hybrid CMS.

According to Gartner, "The concept of headless content management is fundamental to digital experiences. However, to address the growing customer demands for better experiences, hybrid headless content as a service (CaaS) is a more-effective approach."

Read this new technical white paper and learn why the hybrid CMS is the next generation of the headless CMS, why architects love hybrid CMSs, and how they offer additional features that today's pure-play headless CMSs are lacking.

In this Whitepaper we dive deeper into:

  • Digital marketing in the experience economy
  • The rise of the Headless CMS
  • Why headless is not enough
  • Hybrid CMS: The next generation of the Headless CMS